aXw amä-¯n sXsä-´v-þ-sh-Åm-¸Ån


aXs¯ Dt]-£n¨p t]mb-hÀ Xncn¨p hcp-¶-Xn sXsä-´m-sW¶v Fkv.-F³.-Un.]n tbmKw P\-d sk{I-«dn shÅm-¸Ån \tS-i³ tNmZn-¨p. ]e-Im-c-W-§-fm aXw amdm³ \nÀ_-Ôn-X-cm-b-hÀ sXäp-Xn-cp¯n Xncn¨p hcp-¶-Xns\ FXnÀ¡p¶sX´n-\v. km¼-¯nI t\«-¯n\pw DtZym-K-e-_vZn¡pw aäp-amWv ]ecpw aXw amdm³ Imc-Ww. aXw amdn-b-t¸mÄ H¶pw an­m-¯-hÀ ]p\-{]-th-i-\s¯ FXnÀ¡p-¶Xv \à e£-W-a-söv shÅm-¸Ån XpSÀ¶p ]d-ª

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