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sIm-¨n: ]p-än-§Â sh-Sn-s¡-«p Zp-c-´-¯n A-d-Ìn-emb t£-{X-`m-c-hm-ln-I-fp-sS Pm-aym-t]£ ssl-t¡m-S-Xn X-Ån. t£-{X `m-c-hm-ln-I-fp-sS-bpw I-cm-dp-Im-cp-tS-Xp-apÄ-s¸-sS 38 t]-cp-sS Pm-aym-t]-£-bm-Wp X-Ån-b-Xv. ]-c-hq-cn-ep-­m-b-Xv bm-Zr-ÝnI A-]-I-S-a-sÃ-¶pw t]m-eo-kv \n-cp-¯-c-hm-Z-]-c-am-bn {]-hÀ-¯n-¨-Xm-bpw lÀ-Pn ]-cn-K-Wn¨ _-©v hn-aÀ-i-\-ap-¶-bn-¨p. dn-tam-«v I¬-t{SmÄ-t]m-se-bm-Wv t]m-eo-kv {]-hÀ-¯n-¨-sX-¶pw ssl-t¡m-S-Xn hn-aÀ-in-¨p.
G-{]n 10\v ]p-eÀ-s¨ ]p-än-§Â t£-{X-¯n-ep-­mb sh-Sn-s¡-«v A-]-I-S-¯n 110 t]À-¡p Po-h³ \-ã-am-bn-cp-¶p.

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