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sc\yq-UÂ-ln: UÂ-ln-bn 2000 kn.kn-bn Iq-Sp-X-ep-Å Uo-k hm-l-\-§-fp-sS c-Pn-kv-t{S-j-\v GÀ-s¸-Sp-¯n-bn-cp-¶ hn-e-¡v kp-{]ow-tIm-S-Xn d-±m-¡n. hm-bp a-en-\o-I-c-W-¯n-\v ]-cn-lm-cw Im-Wm³ l-cn-X \n-Ip-Xn F-¶-t]-cn A-[n-I \n-Ip-Xn GÀ-s¸-Sp-¯n-s¡m-­m-Wv hm-l-\ c-Pn-t{S-j³ Xp-S-cm³ kp-{]ow-tIm-S-Xn A-\p-a-Xn \Â-In-b-Xv .F-¶m ]-cn-Øn-Xn a-en-\o-I-c-W-¯n-\v C-S-bm-¡p-¶ C-¯-cw hm-l-\-§Ä-¡v H-cp i-X-am-\w A-[n-I ]-cn-Øn-Xn sk-kv \Â-I-Ww. C-Xv hm-l-\ \nÀ-½m-Xm-¡Ä, Un-kv-{S-_yq-«À-amÀ, D-S-a-IÄ F-¶n-h-cn B-cn \n-s¶-¦n-epw Cu-Sm-¡-Ww. C-¯-cw sk-kp-IÄ ]n-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-\v s]m-Xp ta-J-e _m-¦p-I-fn A-¡u-­p-IÄ Xp-d-¡-W-sa-¶v tI-{µ a-e-\o-I-c-W \n-b-{´-W t_mÀ-Un-\pw tIm-S-Xn \nÀ-tZ-iw \Â-In. sk-kv \Â-In-sb-¶v D-d-¸p-h-cp-¯n-bm am-{X-ta C-¯-cw hm-l-\-§-fp-sS c-Pn-kv-{S-j³ Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡m-hq-sh-¶pw K-Xm-K-X h-Ip-¸n-t\m-Spw \nÀ-tZ-in-¨p.
I-gn-ª hÀ-j-am-Wv 2000 kn-kn-bn Iq-Sp-X-ep-Å h-en-b Uo-k hm-l-\-§-fp-w Im-dp-I-fpw-A-Sp-¯ amÀ-¨v 31 h-sc c-Pn-kv-{SÀ sN-¿p-¶-Xn-\v kp-{]ow-tIm-S-Xn \n-tcm-[-\w GÀ-s¸-Sp-¯n-b-Xv.]-¯p hÀ-j-¯n Iq-Sp-X-ep-Å {S-¡p-IÄ \n-tcm-[n-¡p-I-bpw Sm-Iv-kn-IÄ kn-F³.Pn-bn-te-¡v am-dm-\pw \nÀ-tZ-in-¨n-cp-¶p. hnÂ-]-\-bpw c-Pn-kv-t{S-j-\pw kp-{]ow-tIm-S-Xn \n-tcm-[n-¨-Xv. C-Xn-s\-Xn-sc hm-l-\ \nÀ-am-Xm-¡Ä k-aÀ-¸n-¨ lÀ-Pn ]-cn-K-Wn-¨m-Wv kp-{]ow-tIm-S-Xn-bp-sS \nÀ-tZ-iw.\n-e-hn-ep-Å \n-tcm-[-\ D-¯-c-hp-I-fn A-[n-Ir-XÀ ssI-sIm-­ \-S-]-Sn-IÄ UÂ-ln kÀ-¡m-cn-t\m-Sv ss{S-_yq-W B-h-iy-s¸-«n-cp-¶p.
sk-kv F-Iv-kv-tjm-dqw hn-e-bp-sS H-cp i-X-am-\-¯n A-[n-I-am-¡-tWm-sb-¶pw tIm-S-Xn ]-cn-tim-[n-¡pw.
ss{S-_yq-W-en-sâ hn-[n sa-gv-kn-U-kv s_³-kv, sSm-tbm-« Xp-S-§n-b h³-In-S I-¼-\n-I-fp-sS hm-l-\-§-fp-sS hnÂ-¸-\-bv-¡v a-§-teÂ-¸n-¨n-cp-¶p. 2000 kn-kn-¡v ap-I-fn-ep-Å hm-l-\-§Ä-¡v H-cp i-X-am-\w \n-Ip-Xn \Â-Im³ X-¿m-dm-sW-¶v hm-l-\ \nÀ-½m-Xm-¡Ä X-s¶-bm-Wv tIm-S-Xn-bn \nÀ-tZ-iw h-¨-Xv.

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