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sureshgopiXn-cp-h-\-´-]p-cw: ku-ay h-[-t¡-kn kw-Øm\ kÀ-¡m-cn-s\ ]n-´p-W-¨v \-S-\pw Fw.]n-bp-amb kp-tc-jv tKm-]n. hn-j-b-s¯ cm-{ão-b-]-c-am-bà a-\p-jy-Xz-]-c-am-bn Im-W-W-sa-¶pw kp-tc-jv tKm-]n ]-d-ªp. tI-kn-se kp-{]ow tIm-S-Xn hn-[n kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ ho-gvN-bm-sW-¶v ]-d-bm-\m-In-sÃ-¶pw A-t±-lw Iq-«n-t¨À-¯p.
cm-{ão-b-¯n-\v C-¡m-cy-¯n ssI-I-S-¯m-t\m Iq-Sp-X-em-bn F-s´-¦n-epw sN-¿m-t\m CÃ. ku-ay h-[-t¡-kn am-{X-aà ap³-]v a-äv tI-kp-I-fn-epw C-¯-cw ho-gvN-IÄ kw-`-hn-¨n-«p-­v.
hm-Z-ap-J-§-fm-Wv hn-[n-bn-te-¡v \-bn-¡p-¶-Xv. A-Xn tIm-S-Xn-sb-tbm P-UvPn-sb-tbm Ip-äw ]-d-bm-\m-In-sÃ-¶pw kp-tc-jv tKm-]n ]-d-ªp.
h-[-in£ C-¯-cw Ip-ä-Ir-Xy-§Ä-¡pÅ a-cp-¶Ã. F-¶m I-Tn-\-amb th-Z\ X-s¶ C-¯-cw {]-Xn-IÄ-¡v \Â-I-W-sa-¶pw kp-tc-jv tKm-]n Iq-«n-t¨À-¯p.

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