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oommanchandysNbv-X k-a-c-§-sfÃmw ]-cm-P-b-s¸-«v Xp-SÀ-¨-bm-bn Xn-cn-¨-Sn-IÄ In«n k-a\n-e sXän-b A-h-Ø-bn-em-Wn-t¸mÄ amÀ-Iv-kn-kvv-äv ]mÀ-«n-sb-¶v ap-Jy-a{´n D-½³-NmWv SnWvS­n. C-S-Xp-ap-¶-Wn-bp-sS P-\m-[n]-Xy [zw-k-\-¯n\pw A{I-a tXÀ-hm-gv-N-IÄ-¡p-sa-Xn-sc Xn-cp-h-\-´-]pc-w Km-Ôn-]mÀ-¡n bp Un F-^v kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨ cmão-b hn-i-ZoI-cW tbm-Kw D-Zv-LmS-\w sN-bv-Xp kw-km-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p A-t±lw.
P-\-§Ä FÃmw ImWpI-bmWv, \n-P-Øn-Xn A-hÀ-¡-dn-bm-w. amÀ-¨v 13\v tI-c-f \n-b-a-k-`-sb amÀ-Iv-kn-kvv-äv ]mÀ-«n _-µn-bm¡n. sXm-«-Sp-¯ Znh-kw tI-c-f P-\-X-sbbpw _-µn-bm-¡n. h-\n-Xm Fw F F-amÀ-s¡-Xn-sc tam-iw s]-cp-am-äw \-S-¯n-sb-¶ ]-cm-Xn F Un F-^v BZyw D-¶-bn-¨nÃ. ]n-¶o-Sv Iq-Snbm-tem-N-\-§Ä-¡p-ti-j-am-bn-cp-¶p C-¯-c-sam-cp ]-cmXn. F-´p ]-cm-Xn-Ifpw ]cn-tim-[n-¡m³ bp Un F-^v X-¿m-dmWv. FÃm-¯n\pw hoUntbm A-S-¡-ap-Å tc-J-I-fpWvS­v. F-¶m F Un F-^v A-Xn-\v X-¿m-dm-Ip-¶nÃ. \q-dn-e-[n-Iw Iym-a-d-IÄ X-Õa-bw C-sXÃmw ]-IÀ-¯p-I-bmWv. B-bn-c-¡-W-¡n-\v P-\-§fpw C-Xv IWvS-­n-cn-¡p-¶p. H-cp Iym-a-d-bn-e-pw CÃm-¯ Im-cy-§-fm-Wv F Un F-^v B-tcm-]n-¡p-¶Xv. Ip-äw sN-¿m-¯ Nn-e-cp-sS t]-cn Ip-äw NmÀ-¯m-\m-Wv {]-Xn]£w {i-an-¡p-¶Xv. k-kv-s]³-Uv sN-bv-X Fw F- F-amÀ k-` hn«p-t]m-Im¯-Xv k`-sb \n-µn-¡-emWv. k-kv-s]³-j-\n-ep-Å-shsc h-¨v k-` ap-t¶m«p-t]m-Im³ km-[n-¡nÃ. A-Xn-\m k-`m-\-S-]-Sn-IÄ sh-«n-¨p-cp-t¡Wv S-­n-h¶p. C-Xn-eq-sS-sbÃmw {]-Xn-]-£w P-\m-[-n-]-Xy-s¯bpw tI-c-f \n-b-a-k-`-sb-bpw A-h-tl-fn-¡p-I-bm-Wv sN-¿p-¶Xv. C-\n C¯-cw kw-`-h-§Ä \n-b-a-k-`-bn B-hÀ-¯n-¡-s¸-S-cp-Xv. P-\m-[n-]-Xy-t¯m-Sv AÂ-¸-sa-¦nepw Iq-dpWvsS­¦n sX-äp Xn-cp-¯m³ F Un F-^v X-¿m-dm-I-W-sa¶pw ap-Jy-a{´n ]-dªp.
F Un F-^n-\v Znim-t_m-[w \-ã-s¸-«p-I-gn-sª-¶v sI ]n kn kn {]-knUâv hn Fw kp-[o-c³ A-`n-{]m-b-s¸«p. \n-b-a-k-`-bn A-c-t§-dnb-Xv F Un F-^n-sâ e£yw sXän-b k-a-c-am-bn-cp¶p. Nn-´n-¡m-sX kz-bw ]-X-\-¯n sN-¶p Nm-Sp-¶-Xm-Wv A-h-cp-sS coXn. {]-Xn-]-£-¯n-\v ka-cw \-S-¯m-\p-Å A-h-Im-i-ap­v. A-Xv _-e{]-tbm-K-¯n-eq-sSbpw A-gn-ªm-«-¯n-eq-sSbpw B-h-cp-Xv. \n-ba-k-` \m-f-nXp-h-sc Im-Wm-¯ A-Xn-{I-a-am-Wv F Un F-^v \-S-¯n-b-Xv. kz-´w A-Wn-IÄ -t]mepw e-Ö sIm-­v X-e Xm-gv-¯n-t¸m-Ipw-hn-[-am-bn-cp-¶p C-S-Xp-]-£ Fw F F-am-cpsS {]-I-S\w. K-hÀ-WÀ Aw-Ko-I-cn-¨ _-P-än-s\ F-XnÀ-¡p¶-Xv P-\m-[-n]-Xy-hn-cp-²-amWv. cm-{ão-b Xm-Xv-]cyw aqew _P-äv NÀ-¨-bn ]-s¦-Sp-¡m-¯-Xpw i-cn-b-söpw kp-[o-c³ Iq-«n-t¨À¯p.
cm-Py-¯n-\pX-s¶ am-Xr-Ibm-b tI-c-f \n-b-a-k`-sb a-äp-Å-hÀ-¡v ap¶n \m-Ww sI-Sp-¯n-b-Xn-sâ D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯w {]-Xn-]-£-¯n-\p am-{X-am-sW-¶v B-`y-´c-a-{´n c-ta-iv sN-¶n-¯-e ]-dªp. tI-c-f-¯n-sâ P-\m-[n-]-Xy-¯n\pw D-¶-X kw-kv-¡m-c-¯n\pw A-]-am-\-I-c-am-bn am-dn Cu kw-`hw. \n-b-a-k`-sb A-]-am-\n-¨-hÀ-s¡-Xn-sc tI-c-f-¯n-se P-\-§Ä X-s¶ {]-Xn-I-cn-¡-W-w. k-`-bv-¡I-¯v hm-¨v Bâv hmÀ-Uv CÃm-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¦n {]-Xn-]-£w ]-dª tNm-c¸p-g H-gp-Ip-am-bn-cp¶p. -cà-km-£nI-sf kr-ãn-¡m-\pÅ t_m-[-]qÀ-Æam-b {i-a-am-Wv F Un F^pw _n sP ]nbpw \n-b-ak-`m D-]-tcm-[-¯n-eq-sS \-S-¯n-b-Xv. s]m-en-kv kw-ba-\w ]m-en-¨-Xn-\m A-\n-ã kw-`-h-§Ä H-gn-hm-¡m-\m-sb¶pw sN-¶n-¯-e Iq-«n-t¨À¯p.
_P-äv Aw-Ko-I-cn-¨ tI-c-f-¯nse P-\-§Ä-¡v \-µn ]-d-ªp-sIm-­mWv [-\-Imcy a{´n sI Fw amWn kw-km-cn-¨p- Xp-S§n-bXv. _-P-än-se \-· Im-Wm-sX-bm-Wv {]-Xn]£w Ip-ä-s¸-Sp-¯m³ {i-an-¡p-¶-sX-¶v am-Wn ]-d-ªp. ]-cn-]m-h-\am-b \n-b-a-k`-sb I-t¼m-f-¯n-\p Xp-ey-am-¡n am-änb-Xv F Un F-^mWv. tI-c-f \n-b-a-k`-sb h-kv-{Xm-t£-]w \-S¯n-b in-h³-Ip-«n t]-cnse ssZ-hn-I-X A-Øm-\-¯m-¡n sN-Ip-¯m³-Ip-«n-bm-bn am-dp-I-bm-Wp-­m-b-sX¶pw am-Wn ]-dªp.
F Un F-^v G-Xp ka-cw sN-bv-Xmepw A-Xv bp Un F-^n-\v Kp-W-am-bn am-dp-¶ Øn-Xn-bm-W-v C-t¸mÄ tI-c-f-¯n-ep-Å-sX-¶v tbm-K-¯n kw-km-cn-¨ a-{´n ]n sI Ip-ªm-en-¡p-«n ]-d-ªp. hn-i-Zo-I-c-W-§-fp-sS B-h-iy-anÃm-sX X-s¶ P-\w kXyw a-\-Ên-em-¡n-¡-gnªp. k-ln-jv-Wp-X \-ã-s¸-« amÀ-Iv-kn-Ìv ]mÀ-«n-bm-Wv C-¶v tI-c-f-¯n-ep-Å-sX¶pw Ip-ªm-en-¡p-«n ]-dªp.
bp Un F-^v I¬-ho-\À ]n ]n X-¦¨³, a-{´n-amcm-b sI _m-_p, Xn-cp-h-©qÀ cm-[m-Ir-jvW³, kn F³ _m-e-Ir-jv-W³, hn F-kv in-h-Ip-amÀ, ]n sI A-Ðp-dºv, C-{_m-lnw-Ipªv, ]n sI P-b-e-£van, sI ]n kn kn P-\-d sk-{I-«-dn-amcm-b X-¼m-\qÀ chn, F³ ]o-Xmw-_-c-¡p-dp¸v, Un kn kn {]-kn-Uâv sI tam-l³-Ip-amÀ, F F A-kokv, tPm-Wn s\ÃqÀ, s_-¶n s_-l-¶m³, ssl-_n Cu-U³ Xp-S-§n-bhÀ kw-km-cn¨p.

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