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G-I-Zn-\-¯n-se G-gm-a-s¯-bpw tem-I-I-¸n-se B-Zy sk-©z-dn-bpw t\-Sn-b tcm-ln-Xv iÀ-½ 126 ]-´n 137 d¬-sk-Sp-¯m-Wv ]p-d-¯m-b-Xv. 14 _u-­-dn-bpw aq-¶p kn-Iv-k-dpw DÄ-s¸-Sp-¶-Xm-bn-cp-¶p tcm-ln-Xn-sâ C-¶nw-Kv-kv. 57 ]-´n G-gv _u-­-dn-bpw H-cp kn-Iv-k-dpw DÄ-s¸-Sp-¶-Xm-bn-cp-¶p sd-bv-\-bp-sS C-¶nw-Kv-kv. _m-änw-Kv ]-hÀ-t¹-bn ]-c-am-h-[n d¬-kv t\-Sp-¶-Xn-\v tcm-ln-Xv-sd-bv-\ k-Jy-¯n-\v km-[n-¨p. sd-bv-\-bpw tcm-ln-Xv ]p-d-¯m-b-tXm-sS A-h-km-\ Hm-h-dp-I-fn {]-Xo-£n-¨-t]m-se d¬-kp-bÀ-¯m³ C-´y-bv-¡v km-[n-¨n-Ã.
aÂ-k-c-¯n-sâ Xp-S-¡w ap-X Ir-Xy-X-tbm-sS ]-s´-dn-ª _w-¥m-tZ-iv _u-fÀ-amÀ C-´y³ _m-äv-kv-am³-am-sc Ip-d-s¨m-¶p-a-à hn-j-an-¸n-¨-Xv. Ir-Xy-am-b C-S-th-f-I-fn hn-¡-äv ho-gv-¯n-b _w-¥m _u-fÀ-amÀ-¡v ap-¶n in-JÀ [-hm³(30), hn-cm-Sv sIm-lv-en(aq-¶v), B-Pn³-Iy c-lm-s\(19) F-¶n-hÀ-¡v {]-Xo-£n-¨ {]-I-S-\w ]p-d-s¯-Sp-¡m-\p-am-bn-Ã. 9.3 Hm-h-dn 50 I-S-¶ C-´y-sb _w-¥m-tZ-iv ]n-¶o-Sv h-cn-ªp-sI-«p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. io-JÀ [-hm-s\-bpw sIm-lv-en-sb-bpw \m-ep d¬-kn-sâ C-S-th-f-bn \-ã-am-tbm-sS C-´y X-¸n-¯-S-ªp. c-lm-s\-bpw tcm-ln-Xpw I-cp-X-tem-sS I-fn-¨-tXm-sS _u-­-dn-I-sfm-¶pw ]n-d-¶n-Ã. C-tXm-sS B-Zy 10 Hm-h-dn 50 I-S-¶ C-´y-¡v 98 ]-´n-em-Wv A-Sp-¯ 50 d¬-sk-Sp-¯-Xv. 25.5 Hm-h-dn-em-Wv C-´y 100se-¯n-b-Xv._w-¥m-tZ-in-\v th-­n X-kv-In³ A-l-½-Zv aq-¶p hn-¡-äv t\-Sn. a-jv-d-s^ tamÀ-¯m-k, jm-In-_v A l-k³, dp-_ lp-ssk³ F-¶n-hÀ Hm-tcm hn-¡-äpw t\-Sn. Xp-S-¡-¯n dp-_ lp-ssk-s\ t\-cn-Sm³ C-´y³ _m-äv-kv-am³-amÀ i-cn-¡pw hn-j-an-s¨-¦n-epw A-h-km-\ Hm-h-dp-I-fn A-\m-bm-kw d¬-kv t\-Sn.

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