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ap³ tI-{µ-a-{´n-bpw tIm¬-{K-kv Fw.]n-bp-amb i-in X-cq-cn-sâ `m-cy kp-\µ ]p-jv-I-dp-sS a-c-W-¯n ]p-Xnb sh-fn-s¸-Sp-¯-ep-am-bn UÂ-ln t]m-eo-kv I-½n-j-WÀ _n.F-kv _-Ên. kp-\µ sIm-Ã-s¸-«-Xm-sW-¶v I-½n-j-WÀ Øn-co-I-cn-¨p. A-kz-`m-hn-I-hpw hn-jw D-Ån sN-¶pÅ a-c-W-hp-sa-¶m-­a-Un-¡Â t_mÀ-Uv dn-t¸mÀ-«v. kw-`-h-¯n sF.] 302 {]-Im-cw sIm-e-¡p-ä-¯n-\v tI-sk-Sp-¯-Xm-bpw i-in X-cqÀ A-S-¡w tI-kp-am-bn _-Ô-s¸« F-Ãm-h-sc-bpw tNm-Zyw sN-¿p-sa-¶pw t]m-eo-kv hy-à-am-¡n.
sIm-e-s¸-Sp-¯m³ D-]-tbm-Kn¨ hn-jw G-Xm-sW-¶v I-s­-¯m³ kp-\-µ-bp-sS B-´-cn-Im-h-b-h-§-fp-sS kmw-]nÄ hn-i-Z-amb ]-cn-tim-[-\-bv¡v hn-tZ-i-s¯ em-_n-te-¡v A-b-¡p-sa-¶pw t]m-eo-kv I-½n-j-WÀ A-dn-bn-¨p. UÂ-ln Un-kn-]n-bp-sS t\-Xr-Xz-¯n-epÅ {]-tXyI kw-L-am-bn-cn-¡pw A-t\z-j-Ww \-S-¡pI. F-^v.sF.B-dn-se {]-Xn-¸-«n-I-bn B-cp-sS-bpw t]-cv ]-cm-aÀ-in-¨n-«nÃ.
F-¶m \n-e-hn-se km-l-N-cy-¯n B-sc-sbm-s¡ tNm-Zyw sN-¿-W-tam A-h-sc-sb-Ãmw tNm-Zyw sN-¿pw. A-t\z-j-W-t¯m-Sv UÂ-ln t]m-eo-kv k-l-I-cn-¡pw. G-sX-¦n-epw hy-àn-sb e-£y-am-¡n-bà A-t\z-j-Ww \-S-¡p-¶-sX-¶pw t]m-eo-kv hy-à-am-¡n.
I-gnª hÀ-jw P-\p-h-cn 17\m-Wv UÂ-ln-bn-se ]-©-\-£-{X tlm-«-emb eo-em ]m-e-kn-se ap-dn-bn kp-\-µ-sb a-cn-¨-\n-e-bn I-s­-¯n-b-Xv. kw-`-h-¯n-\p ti-jw ko sN-bvX tlm-«Â ap-dn-bn t]m-eo-kv, t^m-d³-kn-Iv hn-`m-Kw A-Sp¯ Im-e-¯v ]-cn-tim-[\ \-S-¯n-bn-cp-¶p. kp-\µ sIm-Ã-s¸« k-a-b-¯v eo-em ]m-e-kn Xm-a-kn-¨n-cp¶ Nne hy-àn-IÄ \Â-In-bn-cp¶ Xn-cn-¨-dn-b tc-J-IÄ hym-P-am-sW-¶v t]m-eo-kv I-s­-¯n-bn-cp-¶p.
a-c-W-¯n sF.]n. F hm-Xp-h-bv]p-am-bn _-Ô-ap-s­-¶pw B-tcm-]-Ww D-bÀ-¶n-cp-¶p. Zp-_m-bn \n-¶pÅ Nn-eÀ-¡v ]-¦p-s­-¶pw dn-t¸mÀ-«v ]p-d-¯p-h-¶n-cp-¶p.
am-c-I-amb hn-jw Ip-¯n-h-¨m-Wv a-c-Ww kw-`-hn-¨-sX-¶m-bn-cp-¶p sa-Un-¡Â t_mÀ-Uv dn-t¸mÀ-«v. B-dn-\w hn-j-§-fp-sS km-¶n-[y-am-­a-Un-¡Â t_mÀ-Uv kq-Nn-¸n-¨-Xv. F-¶m C-Xp kw-_-Ôn-¨v C-t¸m-gpw hy-àX h-¶n-«nÃ. Un-kw-_À 29\m-­a-Un-¡Â t_mÀ-Un-sâ dn-t¸mÀ-«v t]m-eo-kn-\v e-`n-¨-Xv.
kp-\-µ-bp-tS-Xv A-kz-`m-hnI a-c-W-am-sW-¶v t]m-Ìv tamÀ-«w \-S-¯nb F-bnw-kv B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-se sa-Un-¡Â t_mÀ-Uv dn-t¸mÀ-«v sN-bvXn-cp-¶p-sh-¦n-epw sIm-e-]m-X-I-am-sW-¶v Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡m³ UÂ-ln t]m-eo-kv X-¿m-dm-bn-cp-¶nÃ. B-Zy-am-bm-­Im-e-]m-X-I-am-sW-¶v UÂ-ln t]m-eo-kv k-½-Xn-¡p-¶-Xv.Tharoor

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